Thursday, January 18, 2007

hiney dragging

This flu is kicking my butt. We're talking day 12 here. I think I'll give in and take some major meds so I can get a full night's sleep tonight. Lately, when I lay down to sleep I start coughing and cough most of the night. This is not good as Oscar needs his rest too!


Kirsty said...

So glad you're still blogging...I've fallen off mine totally...we have a new baby!! A daughter, named Elisabeth, Lissa for short.

I'm getting caught up on life-stuff again so i'm hoping to update my blog tomorrow with updated pix of us all!

Sending "kick the flu in the butt and get it gone "energies to you!
luv n hugs, Kirsty/moonsinger

Jan Conwell said...

Garlic. Eat a clove of raw garlic, minced, every night for a week. You won't feel better, but you'll get better. (And it won't contraindicate w/ your meds.)