Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lovely Lovely day

It was grey outside, It even sleeted a bit, but Oscar and I didn't let that stop us. We had been planning this adventure for a month or so now. We visited a local cider mill and bought some apples, cider, and a few doughnuts. The best part was the journey there and back. We took the least-traveled roads we could find, and thought about where we might build a universal designed home later on.
I grew up way out in the country and miss it terribly. It sometimes feels like I never take a deep breath until I get out where I can see fields and trees. Today was wonderful. Oscar, bless him, stopped whenever we found a place I might want to snap a photo, and we drove and talked and just enjoyed each other for hours. :-}
Photos, in no particular order:
Me with a goofy hat at the cider mill, modeling a beautifully useful bag designed especially for me by my friend Ysabeau the Artist (see her blog to the right)
A shot of one of the country roads we travelled today
A lovely little creek wending through a field. You can see some work horses in teh way way background.
The official greeter at the cider mill, he was a little shy, and hid behind a rock when I opened the car door.


Ysabeau said...

Thank you for posting the picture of you with the bag, it looks like it worked out pretty well, even though I was guessing about some of the ideas. The pictures of your day are beautiful, and I'm glad you got outdoors and had some fun! B*B, Ysabeau

Lynx said...

the photos are beautiful. The only thing I would hate about living in the country is that my little boy wouldn't be able to just run all over the neighborhood to play with his little friends. Because even if it is "rural," if the neighbors are that close it isn't really the country..... Maybe when he grows up I will get back to the countryside, if there is any left by then.....