Monday, August 07, 2006

Hurray!!!!! I DID IT!!!

I overcame my fears, and waited patiently for the ADA Taxi, and swam!! I swam for 40 minutes in constant motion, and totalled 12 laps :-}
I was anxiety ridden yesterday. I think my seclusion has caused a very mild case of agoraphobia... very different from the days when I was on stage and involved in several groups, so that I was hardly every home at night. Still, I feel wonderful that I got out of the house under my own power, even if the ride was very late . I still had plenty of time to swim. I also checked out the 'strength' room, and found at least 5 machines I can use! Next week I'll start there, and then move on to swimming.
Unfortunately, the rec center will be closed from Aug. 21 through September 4th , but after that I'll go twice a week. I feel energized, and a little tired, but in a good way. It feels great to move!
And in the mean time, I can use the ADA service to go anywhere I want to! Watch Out Yarn Shops! Beware all you museums and libraries!!!!
Now to sew a tote bag I can hang in front of me, to carry all my loot!


Ysabeau said...

About the tote bag, what size would work? And, how might it fasten, onto the arm of the chair? Give me some measurements to work with, I have an idea, ok? B*B, Ysabeau

Charl said...

Woo Hoo for you!!! I'm so happy for you

Liz said...

I am so happy for you. The wonderful exercise and getting out and about is true liberation.