Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Word Play H is For...

Honor - Respect. Honor yourself. Honor others. Honor life.

Honesty - Hard stuff, especially being honest with yourself. Expressing honesty is truthfulness, and is a different thing. Acknowlegement within.

Hildegard de Bingen - Fascinating Early Christian Mystic. Wrote songs inspired by her visions and trances.. info here music to sample here from the anonymous 4

Heliotrope - "Best smelling heliotrope this side of the Mississippi" A lovely memory from performing in "Our Town" Having S.A.D. Heliotropism is a GOOD thing.

Heffalump - One of my favorite Pooh pals. Eyeore is cool too.

Health - highly underrated.

Hope -also highly underrated.

Heart - Kokoro Corazone Center

Hinky - love the sound, love saying it. Hinky Dinky Par le vous

Hug - the best cure for an ill spirit. Especially when combined with hope.

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