Saturday, May 20, 2006

Visits Home

We took Thursday to drive to my parent's home in Coldwater, Michigan. Mom's birthday was the day after Mother's Day this year, and she'd given us a bit of a scare this past month. She has only one working valve and she's been feeling a few chest pains. She said it was the stress of waiting for results of some biopsies of lumps in her breast... Yep, scary stuff. The wonderful news is that everything is fine, her heart is still pumping strong, and the results of the biopsies are all negative. I guess genetically some of her lumps have a triple layer instead of a dual layer, so they read as shadows on the mammograms. I love how her doctor put it. He said " You have a lot of frogs in there, but none of them have three legs."

My brothers Kenny and Kelly were there too. Kelly had the day off work, but Kenny's visit was a lovely surprise. He happened to be in town for a doctors appointment and stayed for supper. Damn my mom can cook.

I also had a chance to chat on the phone with my cousin Penny. She's headed for a bison santuary in Montana to help study grasshoppers. She'll be there until September, and I envy all the wide open spaces she'll get to see :-}

I love visits with my folks. We had some rough times as a family a few decades ago, water under the bridge. Every visit now is bittersweet with the knowledge that they are aging. Each memory we build is doubly precious.
Below is a pciture of my folks and my brothers taken just a few decades ago... Time flies :-}

From right to left its Kenny, Kelly, My Mom, My Dad and Ronnie.

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