Sunday, April 16, 2006


I was reading my Sister-in-Law's blog (LynnH of Color Joy yarns and patterns) and she referred her readers to a wonderful pair of singers, Seth Bernard and Daisy May. I took her advice and listened to the sample song ("Shine On") on their site and was blown away. They are high on my wish list as soon as some ebay funds come in :-}
  • Seth and Daisy

  • A link to Lynnie's blog is in my side bar. As well as being a fantastic fiber and polymer clay artist, she and her husband are also musicians. In fact, I listened to their "In The Garden" CD just the other day to help me move into Spring :-} Here's a link to their music site, much of their music is available for a listen, too :
  • The Fabulous Heftones

  • One last discovery today (well, so far, its early yet) was of a collaborative blogging project put together by some of my favorite romance authors. That link is also in my side bar.
    I wonder if a group of fantasy or science fiction or mystery authors have done the same?

    Other musical discoveries (and rediscoveries) this month include
  • The Yellow Room Gang
  • and
  • Mustard's Retreat

  • I still listen to David Tameluvich's "Simple Faith" when I need a moment to reconnect with my spirituality. It speaks to my heart as a Pagan, but the truly magical thing about the song for me is that it can speak to anyone, of almost any faith (the possible exception being a fundamentalist Christian who insists on the existence of hellfire and brimstone.)

    Here's an excerpt of the Lyrics:
    "Ours is a simple faith. Life is a short embrace.
    Heaven is in this place, everyday.
    Hope is the ground we till. Make each day what you will.
    Thankful for dreams fulfilled, everyday.

    There is no Hell to fear. No judgement day drawing near.
    Trust that inner voice you hear, everyday.
    Life's not a goal or race. It's about heart and faith,
    And living a life of grace. Everyday."

    image: pentacle found in a borage blossom.

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