Saturday, September 12, 2009


Regular readers know I have not posed many thoughts on politics.
This may be my first.

Thousands march on the capitol to protest health plan
Figures. Those of us who cannot march are those who need it most.


Lene Andersen said...

One of the reasons we're just not an effective lobby group - we just don't have the energy because we're too busy getting through the day. Sigh.

AlisonH said...

They have never had a child facing a potentially fatal illness aging out of their health insurance coverage--we would have been perfectly happy to keep paying premiums and contributing but the companies would rather dump them on the public via the ER. They've never had a life-and-death med delayed nearly till death because the insurance company wanted to pay only for the cheaper version that had already caused congestive heart failure as a (temporary, thank goodness) side effect. They have never had to come smack up against a health insurance CEO thinking their obscene pay is worth someone else's possible death, quite possibly many people's.

I have. And I am outraged that those CEOs can pay their way into distorting the public view via those very premiums that should have been spent on taking care of their fellow man.

Zina said...

And the best part about it? Is that many of them apparently decided to take Amtrak home...which is heavily government subsidized. *sigh*


momtroll said...

Why do we at a nation think we do not need to care for one another? If we look in the Bible, weren't the sick, hungry and poor the ones that J C took care of? Isn't that 2000 years ago? Do we call this progress? I do not understand people that would rather build up a huge savings and ignore those that need help. We are 23rd in all nations on the health care of our people. That is sad.