Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hand-Written Recipes

You may notice that my links list changes slightly on occasion. sometimes every day. It is basically a way for me to keep track of the blogs and sites I enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

One of my new favorite blogs is called Handwritten Recipes compiled by the same person who does ANOTHER recent favorite, Forgotten Bookmarks but I'll blog about that one another time.

I love collecting old cookbooks, in large part because of the recipes people jotted down on the blank pages, or on a scrap paper and stuck in the book.

The best though are those we have in our little wooden recipe box; those that have come into our keeping from all over our family tree, and people dear to us.
Some of my favorites were written by my husband's first, late wife, Kelly. I am glad she is still part of our lives, she was such a special person to Oscar and his family.

The recipes I photographed above come from both sides of our family.
Autumn Soup is Oscar's Aunt Martine's recipe, written down for him by his mom, Liz.

Near as we can figure the Oatmeal Batter Bread was written down by his Grandma Illa Bakken.

Ruth's Buns we think was written out by his Grandma Ruth Troldahl (she had a great sense of humor!)

My mom wrote down the Baked Custard recipe as well as Marie Gump's Steak Sauce (Marie was one of Mom's cousins). This recipe is unlike anything I have found anywhere else and very delicious.

The stroganoff recipe is one Oscar put together, combining the favorite parts of other recipes he'd found.

There are dozens more in our little wooden box, some written by me as well; although I tend to write mine on the computer and print out a card. Maybe I'll jot the next one down, though. There is a certain beauty to handwriting, and it's not used as often these days.

(If you are interested in the full recipes of any of these, just leave a note in the comments of which one you want and I'll post it in next few days or weeks.)


AlisonH said...

36 tomatoes and 12 sour apples--I'm definitely intrigued!

Unknown said...

Diana, thanks for sharing! I too would be interested in the steak sauce -- Looking for good things to do with bounteous tomatoes! MNR

Lynx said...

baked custard? ooooh, that sounds **SO** yummy!!!!! you has my email, hon! :-}

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I don't eat steak but I like anything with tomatoes in it. Very curious about that steak sauce!!!

Teri said...

I LOVE the few hand-written family recipes too! Unfortunately most of our family faves were made off with after my folks passed away & took them WITH them.

Especially a simple wonderful hamburger or leftover pork loin, onion, & celery concoction my Dad cooked to death in the STILL SCARY "Pressure Cooker", he called "Slum Gullian" - I can attempt to recreate that wonderful stuff - but he took the recipe WITH him! DRAT!!!