Monday, September 17, 2007

Cloud On Her Head - A Free Knitting Pattern

One of the friends I visited a week ago has a tender scalp, susceptible to cool breezes. Even when the rest of her needs the air conditioner, her poor head feels chilled, and I imagine everything feels a bit scratchy against her scalp. So I set out to make a loose cap, meant to be worn inside the house. Fashion was not an issue, softness and warmth the only criteria. But of course I chose a beautiful color I think she'll like. In case you or a friend have a similar situation, I wrote out the pattern as I stitched, to publish here as a free pattern.


This creation is meant to be worn purl side out, for extra smoothness against the scalp.

Since knitting is easier for most than purling, the hat is worked knit-side out, ends are woven in on the knit side, then it is flipped purl-side out for wearing.

Version shown is sized large for a generous, gentle fit.
-If you prefer to have a snug fit the hat COULD be worked on smaller needles, but I think a tighter stitch would detract from the soft feel of the fabric.
-I think a better, much softer solution would be to knit with the given stitch counts, then if necessary felt your hat slightly to closely fit the intended head. If you are using an easy-care fiber and wish to have a relatively snug fit, knit one size smaller than you would normally, or use a smaller needle. Stitch counts for alternative sizes are indicated as Large(Average/Small).

Yarn: 1 skein of Miski by Mirasol (100% baby Llama 50g/75m/82yds) in shade # 105. The llama can be dry cleaned, or hand washed and laid flat to dry. If you knit especially loosely, you may need two skeins for the largest size, or to end your hat a row early.
Note: If you prefer to make an easy-care version, find the softest washable fiber you can, in worsted or bulky weight. I chose the baby llama for its incredible softness. You could have the same level of softness with baby alpaca.

Notions:4 stitch markers, Number 8 dpns. You may also use #8 circulars until the decreases make that awkward.

Cast on 8o (72/64) stitches with long-tail cast on, join stitches into an untwisted circle and mark the beginning of round.

Rnds 1-5: *k3, p1* rib around

Rnds 6-25: Knit every stitch

Rnd 26: place marker every 20 (18/16)stitches (4 markers)

begin decreases:

Rnd 27: k until 2 st before marker, k2tog.

Repeat rnd 27 until 5 stitches remain between markers.

Cut yarn leaving an 15 or 18 inch length. Thread on needle and slip through the stitches, while still on the DPNs, draw tight off the needles, then slip yarn through the stitches once again. Draw tight once more and weave in ends on knit side of fabric doing your best to leave it smooth.

Copyright Otterwise Designs, September 2007


Marsha said...

Thanks so much for posting this pattern alternative. I knit chemo caps year round to donate and I think this is a wonderful approach to a very sensitive matter.

Diana Troldahl said...

Thank you Marsha, what a wonderful thing you are doing. Your comment made my day :-}


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this pattern...I have been searching for a simple pattern to do a "Cloud on her Head" for my friend. The chemo hats she has been given by her clinic has ridges in them which she finds painful....When I send her hats this week I intend to include your pattern with the suggestion that she encourage people to start a local knitting club to make soft hats for the ladies. thanks again for your generosity.

Karen said...

It's such a generous thing to post a free knitting pattern--but especially one like this that will enable us to give comfort to others. Thanks so much, Diana! You're a good person.

Jes said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern :) My mom has brain cancer and the radiation is making her scalp very sensitive. It seems that every 'chemo cap' pattern I find has ridges. She needs a cloud on her head so this is exactly the pattern I was searching for. Thank you!!

Zina said...

An old friend of mine entered the hospital just hours ago to begin chemo. I'm going to cast on your hat tonight! xox

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you for this simple pattern. I want to know a few details on the sizing/inches and gage. Right now I am getting 4 st per " and I wanted to do a large size ( Aprox 22-23"). It would require me adding 8-16 stitches to the large size listed in the pattern (listed as using 80 stitches). Or.... Does the large stretch enough to go over the head? Thanks for any offerings from those who have used this pattern.

Unknown said...

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